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equality. eau de parfum 5ml

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imagine a world full of open-minded people, where individuality is celebrated and tolerance is lived. you are seen for who you are, a future that has no shape or limitations, a future that is shaped by ourselves.

imagine a sensual aroma with a distinct earthy/ natural/ wooden body, balanced out with soft jasmine nuances and completed by the unique scent of yourself. a perfect interplay of mild and strong, of stimulating and comforting, speaking to your entire being.

imagine. is it still a vision or already reality?’s on you. equality.

Product details

- Gender Neutral
- 100% Fair Made in Germany
- 20% Perfume Oil concentration
- Personally packed and dispatched by Luki
- Each bottle includes your statement of tolerance
- Main Notes: Sandalwood, Cardamom, Jasmine


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