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equality. a child’s mind eau de parfum 50ml

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equality. a child’s mind is intended to be an inspiration. an inspiration to explore the beauty and joy in living our everyday lives. rediscovering this seemingly forgotten energy that is in truth always present and hidden in the depths of our cells. letting it become a dance of life of reconnecting to our pure souls, to reopen our curious eyes, and to once again, see like a child’s mind sees. 

Embark on a soul-opening journey. Let the lush embrace of Laurel and Cypress transport you to places where every inhale sparks childlike wonder. Coriander awakens the senses, akin to the thrill of a new discovery. While the subtle scent of guaiac wood unravels forgotten dreams once dreamt beneath a moonlit sky. Myrrh's balsamic aura carries you further into rediscovery of the self as the warmth of Saffron and Frankincense resin reawaken your true passions. Wrapped in Cashmeran's gentle musk and sweet vanilla you find solace in your inner child's joyful laughter. Finally, Labdanum’s and Patchoulie’s sturdy grounding notes remind you to cherish life's wonders, forever caressed by curiosity's tender grace.

Product details

- Gender Neutral
- 100% Fair Made in Germany
- 20% Perfume Oil concentration
- Cypress - Olibanum - Cashmeran

Scent Notes

Top: Cypress, Bay Leaf, Coriander
Heart: Olibanum, Saffron, Myrrh
Base: Vanilla, Cashmeran, Labdanum, Patchouli