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international justice mission.


Part of equality. 

More than 50 million people worldwide live in slavery. One in four victims of modern slavery is a child. That's more than ever in human history. And the increase in the number of people affected has risen rapidly in recent times: pandemics, climate change and related migration related migration as well as wars and conflicts are breeding grounds for human trafficking and exploitation.

Every day, innocent people living in slavery are beaten, raped and abused. Slaveholders prey on the poor and vulnerable. Modern slavery is a multi-billion dollar industry.

International Justice Mission (IJM) is a global organization with a solution to
end slavery and combat violence against people in poverty. In over
20 countries, IJM works to free people who are trapped in slavery or other
situations of violence. Rescuing and restoring those trapped: IJM finds the children and families who have been victims of of violence, forced labor or sex trafficking. Local police are then assisted in rescue operations and help meet the urgent needs of the victims, including victims, such as safe shelter, food, medical care, Counseling and education. IJM accompanies these survivors until they are fully rehabilitated.

Bringing Criminals to Justice: IJM ensures that criminals cannot continue to harm vulnerable children, women and men cannot continue to harm them. They do this by working closely with local local law enforcement to investigate, arrest and charge offenders for their crimes. Investigate, arrest, and charge them. Then, IJM attorneys and partners continue to fight in courtrooms until these people are behind bars.

Strengthening justice systems: slavery still exists because traffickers and perpetrators are free to exploit people living in poverty. This is possible because police, judges, and other officials are unable to effectively enforce current laws. We provide Training, mentoring, and support for local law enforcement and other
political and community actors to systemically and sustainably stop the cycle of violence. stop.

What project are we supporting?:

OSEC - which stands for "Online Sexual Exploitation of Children" and is one of the newest, perfidious types of sex trafficking that was unimaginable before the digital age. Suddenly, children are exposed to a global network of pedo-criminals.

OSEC is the sexual exploitation of children seen and live-streamed over the Internet.

streamed. Pedocriminals around the world can search online at any moment and make a secure payment to an adult perpetrator in another country who is organizing the "sex-Show." Boys and girls - some under 2 years young - are abused or forced to perform sexual acts in front of a webcam. The more abusive the show, the more the customer pays. Unlike bars or brothels with a permanent
address, victims of OSEC can be taken to any location with an Internet connection and a webcam or just a cell phone, and be abused there. This type of
exploitation has developed into a horrific cottage industry with high-profit margins. The Philippines represents the global hotspot of this crime.

IJM is working with Philippine authorities and foreign law enforcement agencies
to protect children in the Philippines, but also to develop a replicable model that can be used that can prevent the global spread of OSEC. Part of our money currently goes to IJM and will be focused on psychological aftercare for freed of liberated children. We will tell you more about it here: the Philippines | International Justice Mission (