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part of equality.
international justice mission.

There are 40+ million people in slavery globally. 1 in 4 victims of modern slavery is a child. That’s more than ever before in human history. Every day, innocent people are beaten, raped and abused in slavery. Slave owners prey on the poor and weak. Slavery is a multibillion-dollar industry.


International Justice Mission (IJM)  is a global organization with a solution to end slavery and fight violence against people in poverty. We’re working all around the world to free people trapped in slavery.

Rescue and restore victims: We find the children and families who are victims of violence, forced labor, or sex trafficking. We then support local police in rescue operations and help meet the victims’ urgent needs, like safe housing, food, medical care, counseling, and education. We walk alongside survivors until they are fully restored.

Bring criminals to justice: We make sure criminals cannot continue to harm vulnerable children, women and men. We do this by working with local law enforcement in investigating, arresting and charging slave owners with crimes. Then our lawyers and partners continue to fight in courtrooms until those slave owners are put behind bars.

Strengthen justice systems: Slavery still exists because traffickers and abusers can freely exploit people living in poverty. This is possible because police, judges and other officials are not equipped to enforce the laws. We provide training, mentoring and support to local law enforcement and other community leaders to slow down and stop the cycle of violence.


Which project we support:

Cybersex trafficking is a type of sex trafficking that was unimaginable before the digital age. Suddenly, children are exposed to a global web of predators.

Cybersex trafficking is the live-streaming sexual exploitation of children viewed over the internet. Pedocriminals and predators anywhere in the world can now search online and wire a secure payment to an adult who sets up the show. Boys and girls—some under 2 years old—are abused or forced to perform sex acts in front of a webcam. The more abusive the show, the more the customer pays. Unlike bars or brothels with a permanent address, cybersex trafficking victims can be moved to and abused in any location with an internet connection and a webcam, or just a mobile phone. Cybersex trafficking has become a terrifying cottage industry with high profit margins.

IJM is working with Philippine authorities and foreign law enforcement to protect children in the Philippines, but also to develop a replicable model that can stop cybersex trafficking from spreading globally.